Our Studio

We are a team of 40+ animators, thinkers, educators, tutors, birdwatchers, formulae-wreckers, amateur scientists, astrology enthusiasts, cat connoisseurs and story-tellers. ‘Story -telling and animation’ pretty much rounds off the team but the list of what we aspire to be is never-ending. We are based out of the super thrilling South Indian city of Hyderabad where art meets culture, technology, design business and finally Irani Chai with Osmania biscuit and Hyderabadi biryani ruling over us ! We are the greatest believers in the power of storytelling. We believe stories well-told can change people’s lives and can indeed change the world. We believe in the power of visual communication. Thus, we are committed to create compelling visual content through animation to make education fun, to create lasting impressions of theories, diagrams, concepts and lessons so kids can understand them easily and remember them unfailingly, while also encouraging them to be creative with their knowledge. We are in the business of edutainment because entertainment can be educational and education can indeed be very, very entertaining !