• As Deepu , he is a troublemaker and mischievous kid who is intelligent , impressively logical, gaming enthusiast and always questioning. Although a fussy eater, a back bencher and careless about school work , he is ever curious to know new facts.

    As D Man , he is a well behaved ,highly disciplined and benevolent in nature. He is responsible about his dietary needs and good habits to reactivate his super powers


  • Dixit Arya aka Dark Soul is a remarkable scientist and is extremely powerful. He is averse to countries, borders, armies and political divisions . He believes in authoritarianism and dictatorship, desires to gain supreme power over the world and rule the world as one entity . He is a strong believer of 'Blood and Iron Policy,' He specializes in creating mutant creatures in his lab, from the animal and human DNA . With the help of his army of mutants he wages wars against the countries. He is aged 191 years and keeps securing his organs through powerful scientific methods. He wishes to become the Supreme power by acquiring the D Core.


  • Oman is the protector , leader and the administrator of the aliens and their planets. Post thousands of years , he ever protects the D Core – the powerhouse of the aliens. He is highly intelligent and capable .Aliens and Oman do not resort to violence or torture.


  • Erbo is a strong ,muscular and a powerful African black. He is a farmer by profession. Being blessed with the attributes of earth , he is very strong and powerful enough to uproot mountains. Also he is extremely patient and doesn't easily flare up.


  • Skathy is a beautiful and a successful model who lives a celebrity life. Having the attributes of the sky element , she can become invisible and can reach any place without being noticed. Nothing can be hidden from her and being highly intuitive she can foretell anything from time to time.


  • Anxin is an ever smiling, cute chubby girl who hails from a middle class family in China. She assists n helps her parents in their floral business. Having the attribute of the air element ,she can command over the air.


  • Fadhi, the prince, belongs to the royal family in Dubai. Due to the Fire charactersistic in him, he is always careful and cautious about not hurting or destroying anyone/anybody. His father always intends to handover the oil supplying business to him, but Fadhi always avoids taking up the responsibility.


  • Waxi , an orphan is a very intelligent, independent, selfless, tactful and worldy wise in nature. He drives a huge water supply truck which is his only home and property. He supplies water to drought- hit areas. People keep questioning about where he gets the water from and he replies with just a smile.


  • Foxer is the one of the first mutants who was successfully created by the Dark Soul from his experiments. He is aged over a 100 years. He looks more animalistic than human.


  • Red Knight is the second successfully created mutant by the Dark soul. She is beautiful, mesmerizing and dangerous. Her body stretches and sags like rubber. She has evil looking dark eyes and is a confidant to the Dark soul.