Inani Media is born out of great passion for storytelling, art and innovative technologies, bringing to life enchanting stories and lovable characters visually.

Our technical capabilities allow us to create a full suite of animation and CGI productions from concept design to final render. We are proud of our technical capabilities but what really sets us apart is our passion for storytelling. In the world of fiction narrative, some argue that technology is but a better pencil and is the story, that gives life to technology.

Our digital artists are unique in areas of visual effects production, including concept art, modeling, animation. For stories are a unique way of communication that have the ability to transcend time and space.

By doing so, they help shape cultures and societies.

Back Stage

  • Bindu Reddy Founder

    Hello... It made me nervous when they said they wanted to tell stories using their animation capabilities. But seeing the way our animators giving birth to great visuals, It brought me to confidence and made me open my Kitty bank and start this wonderful studio of animators. Its been a great journey.
  • Rahul Reddy CO-Founder & CEO

    Excitement, Exuberance, Enthusiasm, Energy is what I was looking when I wanted to leave my 14 years of software engineer career and become an entrepreneur. My passion as a child towards animations and animatronics paved me the way to INANI MEDIA which I feel should bring Entertainment to every living room with strong underlying education and ethics.